Trinidad: Contradictory Road Sign Explains Response to Flooding

A good portion of central and southern Trinidad is under flood waters right now. But the flood of controversy, accusations and counter-accusations surrounding the authorities’ perceived or real lacklustre response to the brewing crisis is threatening to engulf the whole island.
The political back and forth makes the defaced stop sign at the top of the page, taken at the corner of Oxford and Frederick Streets in Port of Spain look reasonable.
Opposition leader KPB went on the offensive, charging that the government had come up woefully short in dealing with the flooding.
She went as far as milking the photo opp by jumping into her trusty canoe to go save beleaguered constituents.
Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley, however, swears up and down that the comfort-athon has been launched by his ministers.
As for the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management – proxy for KPB’s counterpart PM Dr. Rowley – its leader made a Trumpe-esque response to criticism, simply brushing it aside as hollow.
One almost expected them to say “fake news” at some point.
The prime minister says that the authorities must be primed and ready to take action to bring relief to those affected.
But then those with the literal machinery who appear most eager to launch relief efforts aren’t part of public machinery or authorities, who appear to be beaten to the punch in some cases by private citizens’ initiatives.
To be fair, the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force are out doing their jobs.
What it all boils down to is, the opposition says government isn’t doing all it can, and government says that’s just not so.
As Bart Simpson would say, to both sides:

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